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Cernobia technologies is well experienced human resource consultancy .We provide efficient and effective manpower solutions .We do recruiting ,consulting and staffing for  both domestic and overseas countries like Gulf, Singapore and Malaysia.
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Everyone knows that, financial services like Banking, retail management, insurance and finance are head of the economic growth. This industry always put its eye on all economic activities. It also stabilizes the risk which encountered in economic sector. So many companies and agencies are existing, to provide efficient services regarding economical issues. With the rise of internet, overall financial industry works through online only.
We provide most effective consultancy services, with the objective of creating efficient man power to our clients. We have most experienced man power recruitment consultants, those work passionately to provide best matched staffing solutions for our clients. Our own strategic techniques can help us, to find executives across these levels of understanding financial concepts. . We carry out the best recruitment procedure in driving the effective candidate’s selection, where candidates match the similar functions of the organization.Our consulting services can help candidates, who are seeking to get placed in top multinational companies. We give effective deals in consulting services fee.Do you want to post Finance and accounts jobs Click Here .Are you looking for Finance and accounts jobs Click Here
 Civil Engineering 
Need for the civil engineering is vast, as the real estate industry is growing rapidly. This is the one industry, which is waiting for more skilled civil staff who can work with them. Every organization is looking for the skilled civil engineering people, who can make their organizational goals come true. So, at this moment, the candidates who are willing to join in reputed organization need to take step forward. This is the right time to grab the best opportunities for making your career as growing manner. Civil students can choose Transport engineering, Water treatment engineering,, Constructions engineering, Structural engineers, Roads, Bridges, and Infrastructure, Control engineering their career option.
Cernobia Technologies can help you to stop your job search here and take you into the corporate civil engineering world. We are providing the best opportunities to the candidates who are seeking their career in civil engineering. We are having huge opportunities for civil engineering candidates. Real estate and constructing companies are seeking the skilled civil candidates. They have a huge requirement for civil candidates. We are receiving more requests from reputed construction companies for civil engineering people. We are collaborated with the largest constructing and real estate companies to provide the best opportunities to the candidates who registered with us.
  • We have the best cyclic recruitment process to select the efficient candidates for your organization. We are the best consultancy firm for all your recruitment needs. Efficient employees only can help an organisation to get high return on investment. To reach your organizational hiring goals, our recruitment team effectively works in finding out the right candidates. We at Cernobia technologies have the best man power selection team, who can make it easier for us to find the right candidate who fitted to your organization. Choose us for all your man power consulting by registering with us.Do you want to post Civil Engineering  jobs Click Here .Are you looking for civil engineering jobs Click Here

roulette wheel table  Mechanical Engineering
With the economic growth in India, everyone is showing interest towards owning own automotive. Demand for the automotive is widely increasing. To meet the demand from the customers, they are starting to produce more vehicles. To accomplish that production needs, companies are moving a step forward to hire new candidates. This is the best time for auto mobile engineering candidates to catch up those hot cake opportunities. Manufacturing engineering, Aero space engineering, mechanical engineering, Mechatronic engineering and Naval architecture engineering, these are the best jobs available for mechanical candidates.
Cernobia technologies has huge contacts with the most reputed auto mobile companies. We are stepping forward, to create best opportunities to the auto mobile engineering candidates. Our team can take you to reach the new heights in the auto mobile industry. Take the best opportunity by us to work in a reputed multinational auto mobile organization. We placed more candidates in the best companies in the best positions. Our HR FIRM can help you to get placed in your dream automobile companies. Choose us as your consultant to grow yourself in the corporate world.
Collaborate with us to choose the right and efficient candidate for your organization. With the effective frame work, cernobia technologies is making the process of selecting the efficient candidate is simpler. We have a strategic team, that can identify the candidates with the suitable organizational skill set. With the presence in the recruiting and consulting field from the past years, we can able to give you the candidates with more knowledge and who can effectively work with you.We follow best practices to filter the right candidate, who can make your organization to reach your business goals in an effective manner. You can choose us for all your human resource requirements.Do you want to post Mechanical Engineering jobs Click Here .Are you looking for Mechanical Engineering jobs Click Here
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India Retail industry emerged as the on of the most dynamic industries due to the entry of new foreign players. It is contributing over 10 % to India’s GDP and Indian retail sector is the 5th largest retail hub in the world. It also contributing 8% of the Indian employment. There are lot of new retail stores being open in India. Now retail industry need to hire new people to make their expansion work done. We have lot of recruitment opportunities for retail industry. We handle recruitment for all the retail jobs like cashier, stock clerk, customer service, sales managers, floor managers and store managers.Do you want to post Retail jobs Click Here .Are you looking for Retail jobs Click Here
Rydułtowy pokerstars lite real money     Hospitality (Hotels and Health care sectors only)
Rise in middle class and disposable incomes support the growth of Indian Hospitality and health care tourism. Foreign visitors to India has been seeing 18% growth rate every year. Indian hospitality is also a potential employment generator in our country. Indian government also taking lot of initiatives to develop hospitality in India. There are lot of opportunities are there as an Executive chef, front desk clerk, general manager, House keeper, sales manager, banquet manager, kitchen manager and in health care you can work as a Nurse practitioner, occupational therapist, physical therapist, physician assistant. We specialise in handling all types of Hospitality and health care recruiting and consulting.Do you want to Hospatality jobs Click Here .Are you looking for Hospitality jobs Click Here
     priligy half life modestly  Advertising and Media Industry
Indian advertising and media industry has evolved as a large-scale industry from being a small-scale business. After china, Indian advertising industry is the second fast growing advertising market in Asia. As per the RBI guidelines, the ad spend in financial sector must be high. The ad spends estimated as 0.4 % of Indian GDP in coming years. So, this advertising and media industry is being offer more employment opportunities in India. Now we are driving recruitment for some positions like, advertising manager, advertising sales manager, advertising executive, assistant media planner and media director, media specialist in advertising and media industry. We handle all types of advertising and media jobs.Do you want to post Advertising and Media jobs Click Here .Are you looking for Advertising and Media jobs Click Here
   FMCG & Consumer durable industry
With the huge rate of increasing inflow of disposable income and the lot of changes in technology, requirement for consumer durables is increasing. Which leads to narrowing down the prices of same product by different companies due to the competition. Which leads price of the products become down. Market for consumer durable in rural and urban is increasing 15% on an average. To sustain in this competition world, companies need to come up with new innovative products. Which leads to recruiting new employees. We are currently handling recruitment drives for consumer durable and Fmcg industry. We also provide work force to business organizations.Do you want to post FMCG and Consumer durable jobs Click Here .Are you looking for FMCG and Consumer durable jobs Click Here
  Telecommunications industry
with over 1.053 billion subscribers, Indian telecommunication stood up as the second largest telephone network in the world by the number of telephone users. This sector contributing 8% of GDP to Indian economy. In India tariff rates also decreased due to hyper-competition among the telecom operators. To sustain in this telecom competition world, telecom operators are moving to hire efficient work force. So that they can sustain and get high return on investment in this competition era of telecom. We do all the services like recruiting, staffing and consulting for the different positions, like customer service representatives, sales representatives, telecom engineers, telecom support managers, telecom specialists and marketing managers in telecommunications industry.Do you want to post Telecommunications jobs Click Here .Are you looking for Telecommunications jobs Click Here
         CRO, KPO and BPO industry
After the huge success of BPOs in the world, kpos and CROs came to exist across the world. But in India, kpos are still in initial stage of development their operations. This industry need candidates with highly professional skills and analytical thinking skills. India is the country with more young graduates and graduates with multi domain experts. To grab these opportunities and to reduce the cost of process, lot of foreign kpo players are investing in Indian KPOs and CROs industry. Existing kPOs and CROs are expanding their business in India. This is right time to grab those opportunities. We handle recruitment, staffing and consulting solutions for various positions in BPO, KPO and CRO industry.Do you want to CRO,KPO and BPO jobs Click Here .Are you looking for CRO,KPO, and BPO jobs Click Here
           Logistics industry
Logistics industry in India is expecting 9-10% growth every year. In a report National Skill Development Corporation stated that India will need 28.4 million workforce by 2022 in India’s booming logistic sector. Currently this sector serving 16.74 million employees. From 2013-2022, this sector will have requirement of 11.7 million workforce for logistics, ware housing and packing sector. We provide Recruiting, staffing and consulting solutions across various positions like logistics analyst, logistics manager, transportation manager, inventory managers and distribution manager. Do you want to post Logistics jobs Click Here .Are you looking for Logistics jobs Click Here
          Oil and Gas industry
Oil and gas industry is one of 6 major industries in India. We are the 4th  largest importer of LNG. To fulfill the increasing demand, government of India has taken many initiatives in oil and gas industry. Indian government has accepting 100% foreign direct investment in various segments like natural gas, refineries and petroleum products of this oil and gas industry. India has shown 5% rise in imports and 9% increase in consumption every year on year. Major companies like Indian oil corporation, ongc, Bharat petroleum, Reliance petroleum, Essar, Cairn India and some more other companies playing vital role in this oil and gas industry. This industry hire manpower to fulfill their activities like petroleum and natural gas exploration, separators operating, well equipping, lines gathering for petroleum lines, administration operations, mining and extraction of the oil, etc. We handle all activities include consulting, recruiting, and staffing of oil and gas industry.Do you want to post Oil and Gas  jobs Click Here .Are you looking for Oil and Gas jobs Click Here
        Software and IT industry
Indian IT Industry started its journey in 1967 with the TATA group establishment in joint venture with Burroughs. Now, India is the 2nd largest exporter of information technology in the world economy. The IT exports have Risen with the growth rate of 4% to 25%. It is contributing 7.5% of the gross domestic product to Indian economy. Indian IT Industry is employing over the 25% of the workforce. Top IT companies TCS, Infosys, Cognizant, Wipro, Google, Capgemini, and HCL Technologies are playing vital role in Indian IT industry. Government of India has been offering immense opportunities to develop the it industry. To grab those opportunities various multi national giants are investing in Indian IT sector. Cities with IT corridors like Hyderabad, Trivandrum, Chennai, Delhi-NCR, Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune are providing huge number of jobs. As internet is evolving rapidly, the source for these jobs are increasing. Collaborate with us to create effective work force to your organization. We have been producing huge work force to IT organizations. We manage all type of IT consulting for job seekers.Do you want to post Software and IT jobs Click Here .Are you looking for Software and IT jobs Click Here
          Life Sciences & Healthcare (Instrument, Bio science & Bio process)
Life sciences sector includes various segments like pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare. These are widely achieving the huge revenue every fiscal year. The backbone of this sector is mainly Research and development, which lead to lot of innovations in life sciences industry. In terms of revenue and employment health care sector becomes India’s one of the largest sector. Some major studies saying that due to India’s digital adoption it’s health care market will likely grow around 23% by 2020.Corporate health sector India’s revenue expecting to rise 15% by this fiscal year. India is the second largest destination for Foreign direct investment in health care and received around 27 investments from US. We resource manpower for Instrument, Bio science and Bio process. Cernobia technologies is expertise in consulting, recruiting and staffing of instrument, bio science and bio process. Do you want to post Life sciences and Health care jobs Click Here .Are you looking for Life sciences and Health care  jobs Click Here